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Monday, August 28, 2017

GatesAir Partners with Dielectric for Ethiopian DVB-T2 Transition Solutions

By : Keith Adams, Marketing Communications Manager

Dielectric, the antenna and RF system manufacturer, has teamed up with GatesAir in the deployment of a massive, turnkey solution for Ethiopia's nationwide DVB-T2 network. In the works for several years now, this second-generation digital TV transition project commenced shortly after GatesAir won the project back in May 2016. Dielectric has shipped $1.2 million of Powerlite™ antennas, filters, and related RF tech ahead of schedule.

The project encompasses updating 20 TV channels across "26 low-to-medium power UHF transmission sites positioned around the country," according to the August 22nd press release. "Dielectric worked closely with GatesAir, the prime contractor of the project who will design, supply, install, test and commission the network solution, to assure seamless integration with transmission systems at all sites."

For more information, please read Dielectric's entire release here.

Posted by GatesAir Webmaster (08/28/2017, 08:21 AM)  • TV Transmission 0 Comments
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